Title: Rock 'n' Roll With Me Artist: David Bowie 96 plays


When you rock ‘n’ roll with me
No one else I’d rather be
Nobody here can do it for me
I’m in tears again
When you rock ‘n’ roll with me

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Title: The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing Artist: Frank Zappa 18 plays


Frank Zappa—“The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing”

Thing-Fish (Barking Pumpkin 1984).

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My very existence, my life in the world, seemed like a hallucination.

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My mom would put on John Denver. He had a song that went, “Life is so good / my life is so good these days / life is so good these days / my life is so good.” It made me unbelievably angry as a child. I don’t know, I was like… Excuse me, sir, where is your existential angst? I don’t buy it. You’re full of shit, John Denver. Rest in peace.

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